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Why BOPP Tape is better than other Adhesive Tapes

In this blog we give you complete information about Why BOPP Tape is The Best Tape. Adhesive tapes play a crucial role in today’s world across various industries and also in our day-to-day applications because of their ability to provide solutions for a number of our daily needs. The first official adhesive tape was invented in 1925 by Richard Drew.  There are a list of adhesive tapes such as aluminium tape , bondage tape , duct tape etc.. along all these BOPP i.e biaxially oriented polypropylene tape is considered superior to other adhesive tapes for several reasons like durability, cost effectiveness, environmental friendly etc .. BOPP tape film is coated with a water based adhesive that makes it stronger than others . It provides a strong bond between the surfaces , it offers great enduringness and is moisture resistant. It is made up of thermoplastic polymer which makes it temperature resistant i.e it can be used in both hot or cold temperatures , because of its adaptability and versatility it is exceedingly used in packaging.  

Here are some reasons why Why BOPP Tape is The Best Tape:

*Adhesive properties

* Strength and Stability

* Easy to use

* Environment Friendly

* Cost Effective

* UV and Moisture Resistant

* Wide Range of Applications

* Printability

Why BOPP Tape is The Best Tape

Adhesive properties ​ :-

  BOPP tapes are coated with a high quality adhesive with water based coating on both sides that provides firmness to a variety of surfaces including plastic, metal etc . Since it is temperature resistant it  maintains its integrity even in extreme hot or cold temperatures guaranteeing the safety of the product inside the packaging under all environmental conditions. 

Why BOPP Tape is The Best Tape Beacause of Their Strength and Stability :-

BOPP tape is known for its exceptional strength and durability. The biaxial orientation process it undergoes enhances its ductility and makes it resistant to tearing and puncturing ensuring the safety of the packaging reducing the risk of damage or tampering during handling process . 

Easy to use :-

 BOPP tapes is easy to apply and unwind reducing the time and effort required to seal the packaging. Unlike other adhesives, BOPP tape is relatively quiet during application. 

Environment Friendly :-

Polypropylene is a recyclable material that can be reprocessed and reused. They can be manufactured using water based adhesives further reducing its environmental impact. They are the best choice for those companies who are looking forward to minimise waste generation. 

Cost Effective :-

Its affordability makes it a popular choice among businesses of all spheres, allowing them to maintain a high quality packaging with a profitable margin and superior performance. 

UV and Moisture Resistant :-

 This resistance power prevents the tape from degrading when exposed to sunlight and ensuring the security of the package during shipping. It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

Wide Range of Applications :-

    It’s versatility makes it an essential tool for all industries especially for e-commerce . They are used for a wide range of activities such as packaging, building, sealing and labelling etc . BOPP tape film outperforms others in the market. 


Printability :-

 BOPP tape provides excellent clarity allowing printing logos , text , graphics etc .. they can be easily printed using various printing technologies also enhances further customisation opportunities. This makes them an ideal choice for companies who have to deliver special instructions to their customers and also helps in enhancing the brand creativity. 

BOPP tapes come in three different types :

* transparent

* coloured

* customised prints

transparent :-

used for packaging products that need visibility or product with specific instructions. 

coloured :-

used for applications in inventory by helping in the identification of products. 

customised prints :-

used for a variety of applications. They are used for a more effective inventory management or communicating specific care instructions. They are used by e commerce companies in advertising brand awareness through packaging. 


In this blog, you get complete information about Why BOPP Tape is The Best Tape. In Conclusion We can safely say that tapes have made a significant improvement in our daily life ,not only in one field but in many different fields. After knowing all its advantages and benefits we can undoubtedly say that in most categories of performance BOPP tape takes a win .

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