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We take pride in being a trusted manufacturer and trader of Bopp (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) tapes. We understand that choosing the right supplier for your packaging needs is a crucial decision, and we’re here to tell you why we should be your top choice.

Bopp tape manufacturer and supplier

Transparent BOPP Tapes

Clear, strong, adhesive BOPP tapes for secure, see-through packaging solutions.

Bopp tape manufacturer and supplier

Coloured BOPP Tapes

Vibrant colored BOPP tapes for eye-catching and versatile packaging applications.

Customized BOPP Tapes

Tailored BOPP tapes with personalized designs for unique branding and packaging.

Strapping Rolls

Strong, flexible strapping rolls, ideal for bundling, reinforcing, and securing heavy cargo in industrial, shipping, and storage.